Privacy Policy: Gmail Access for Attachment Storage

At [Your Bookstore Name], we are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. This Privacy Policy entry outlines how we handle access to Gmail for the purpose of storing attachments securely.

1. Collection and Use of Information

When you choose to upload attachments to our bookstore application, we may require access to your Gmail account in order to securely store these attachments. This access is solely for the purpose of facilitating the attachment storage feature and will not be used for any other purpose.

2. Security Measures

We take the security of your personal information seriously. Any access to your Gmail account for attachment storage is encrypted and secured using industry-standard security protocols. We do not store your Gmail credentials on our servers, and access is only granted with your explicit consent through OAuth authentication.

3. Data Retention

Attachments stored in connection with your Gmail account will be retained for as long as necessary to provide the services to you. You have the option to delete these attachments from our system at any time, which will remove them from our servers permanently.

4. Third-Party Access

We do not share your personal information or the contents of your Gmail attachments with any third parties. Access to your Gmail account is limited to our authorized personnel who require it to provide you with our services.

5. Your Rights

You have the right to review, update, or delete the personal information associated with your account at any time. You can also revoke access to your Gmail account for attachment storage through your account settings.

6. Consent

By using our bookstore application and opting to store attachments using your Gmail account, you consent to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy entry.

7. Updates to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy entry to reflect changes in our practices or legal requirements. We will notify you of any material changes to this Privacy Policy by email or through our website.

8. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy entry or our privacy practices, please contact us at [Your Contact Information].